Life Coaching & Career Exploration 

If you’re feeling stuck and unable to defrost yourself, coaching can motivate you to act. 

We will identify what's keeping you frozen, strategize, set actionable goals, identify the

psychological and environmental barriers and we’ll list the personal and professional

benefits of achieving your aspirations. 


The coaching relationship is a powerful one that will hold you accountable to achieve smart,

measurable goals and increase self-esteem and confidence during the process.  You will

empower yourself by challenging assumptions of your abilities; by honestly asking yourself

who you are and who you want to become.  The coaching relationship will enable you to

gain more control over your life and provide you with opportunities to change by expanding

your power.  We know that being frozen in place widens the gap between the real self and

the ideal self.  The gap needs to narrow so you can reach for the best in you and realize

your aspirations. 


The longer you wait to act, the more it hurts the quality of your life.  Admit it – you’re aware you need to change but need insight, self-awareness, guidance, confidence and support of a life coach.

A life and career coach can support your drive to initiate that long awaited process of self-exploration as it relates to personal and career ambitions.  You’ll begin by asking yourself these difficult, ultimate questions:


Who am I?

What do I want out of my life?  

Is my current life the one I want?

What accomplishments give me pride?

Can the skills I possess today provide me with more opportunities to achieve in life?

What uncertainties in my life do I need to try to remove?

How can I achieve enduring, genuine happiness?

Can I more effectively manage work-family balance?

Am I feeling fulfilled in my current relationships?

What represents my true, fitting work? 

Fitting work pulls for the best in you because your natural abilities, skills and talents are a great match with the work.

Is the job I have right now my “fitting work”?

Have you ever known anyone that’s attributed their success in life to luck?  I haven’t and will probably never encounter anyone that’s successful based on luck. Luck is not the paradigm of success in life.  


Principles such as a disciplined attitude, clarity in goal setting, empowerment and self-determination contributes to success in life. Success in life requires self-efficacy, healthy amounts of self-esteem and self-confidence.  Self-efficacy translates into skill development.  Self-esteem means feeling valued and worthwhile.  Empowerment means taking charge of your life through making the right choices. Finally, self-confidence reveals one’s tendency to take risks by setting goals.  


We know that success in life requires ability and skill which are a permanent, core element of your being.  You may have the skill set but aren’t motivated to act to reach your launch destination.  If you don't possess the skill sets, you need to develop the skills and knowledge to set goals consistent with these abilities.  

Dr. Levy is a  published author, consultant, college professor and is a two time Ironman finisher.  He understands how and why people erect self-imposed barriers to personal and career achievement; and strategies to overcome barriers by having you identify and dispute irrational ideas you have about your skills and potential.  The real you can become the ideal you if you are courageous enough to envision what constitutes the ideal you, followed by making a powerful commitment to confront the challenges with confidence, discipline and integrity.


If you're needing to defrost, call Dr. Levy for a free consultation to explore how you can become intrinsically motivated, empowered and exercise your self-determination.  I am available for personal and career coaching.  The career coaching launch kit includes completing career assessments and work values inventories followed by an interpretation of your results.   These instruments will aid us discover what constitutes your "fitting work."  Work that captures most of your abilities, skills and knowledge base represents your "fitting or true work." 


In other words, it's an excellent match between who you are; your skills and what the job calls for; where you're being  utilized optimally and your work values are aligned with the work values and mission of the organization. In addition I will help you revise your resume so that it shows the best version of you, and have you write an  outstanding cover letter.  


You will learn how to interview to impress the interviewer.  As my client, you will receive handbooks I have written as part of the career coaching launch kit.

Feeling Frozen in Place?
What's Keeping You Frozen?
The Longer You're Frozen in Place the More it Hurts the Quality of Your Life.