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You, Me and Them: An Awesome Us

Building Effective, High Performing Teams

Teamwork is a core, developmental process that can dramatically and positively effect departmental and organizational performance. 


For a manager to be effective and respected by supervisees, they must demonstrate skills to create unified, highly effective teams.


This training will teach managers the skills and strategies essential to creating social and positive interdependence, the importance of sharing information, supporting each other to make work more efficient and in the process, members creating their own, unique roles and identities. 


High functioning team members support one another, develop trust and interdependence which is crucial for optimal performance. 


Managers will learn how to show credibility through consistent follow through, integrity in work, how consensus building creates solidarity and how to utilize team members so that their abilities are displayed.  


The training will reveal how disagreement and conflict can be maximized to generate creative breakthroughs and solutions to problems.  


The attainment of the above learning objectives energizes team members, creates reciprocity and contributes to the healthy functioning of the team.

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Dr. Levy offers training on the following:
Elijah Levy, Ph.D.  
For a no fee consultation, email me here or call me at (562) 230-3334
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