Norwalk Senior Center

I began teaching my older adult students at Norwalk Senior Center 20 years ago.   A few of the students who began learning with me are still in the course and we've endured each other fabulously.  We have been meeting for the fall and spring semesters each year and a few years ago, we even met through the summer.   The class meets twice a week, two hours for each class.  The group has become a source of comfort and a secure, emotional base for everyone to draw strength from during difficult times.   Learning together has taught me so much about the beauty and challenges of aging, in addition to how valuable close friendships are to the older adult navigating loss and undesired social and physical changes associated with aging.  

A marvelous class of clowns
Cruz and Ray Contreras
Angelo and Elie
Christina, Debi and Linda
Debi made the beautiful oversized card for Loretta
Ann, Ann and Marie
Loretta, Marie and Dora
Merv and Ray
A Class of Clowns
Nancy and Rosina
Ann, Elodia and Selma
Big Daddy and Ann
The Two Maries
Yolanda, Kay, Delia and Katie
Debi, Christina, Nancy and Rosina
Marie, Christine and Ann
Dora, Ann and Elodia
Clara, Kay and Darlene
Jay and Nora