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Are you dissatisfied with your work, relationships and can’t seem to motivate yourself to set meaningful goals with purpose?  If you are then not acting will only continue to erode the quality of your life and you’ll feel hopeless about your future and not experience enduring and genuine happiness.  I can help motivate you to set purposeful goals, explore why you’re dissatisfied with work, create a wellness lifestyle and consider re-careering to find your true and fitting work.


The coaching relationship will hold you accountable to achieve smart, measureable goals and increase self-esteem, self-determination and confidence.  You will empower yourself by challenging assumptions of your abilities; by honestly asking yourself who you are and who you want to become. The coaching relationship will enable you to gain more control over your life and provide you with opportunities to change by expanding your power.  Not acting only widens the gap between the real self and the ideal self.  The gap needs to narrow so you can reach for the best in you and realize your aspirations and ideal self.  The longer you wait to act, the more it hurts the quality of your life.  Admit it – you’re aware you need to change but need insight, self-awareness, guidance, confidence and support of a life coach. 


A life and career coach can support your drive to initiate that long awaited process of self-exploration to pursue personal and career ambitions.  You’ll begin by asking yourself these difficult questions:




Ask Yourself These Questions

What do I want out of my life?  

Is my current life the one I want?

What accomplishments give me pride?

Can the skills I possess today provide me with more opportunities to achieve in life?

What uncertainties in my life are preventing me from acting?

How can I achieve enduring, genuine happiness?

Can I more effectively manage work-family balance?

Am I feeling fulfilled in my current relationships?

What represents my true, fitting work? 

Fitting work pulls for the best in you because your natural abilities, skills and talents are a great match with the work.

Life Coaching
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Dr. Levy offers training on the following:
Elijah Levy, Ph.D.  
For a no fee consultation, email me here or call me at (562) 230-3334
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