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Lifelong Learning

Welcome to my site and thank you for expressing an interest in my work.


If you spend time here, you will satiate your ongoing pursuit of knowledge,

wisdom and cultural literacy for personal and professional development.   

I believe that learning is not confined to an academic classroom,

but through exposure to intellectually stimulating material during

the lifespan. So if you’re motivated to initiate this pursuit of knowledge,

this site contains material on a wide breadth of subjects such as creative

aging (searching for more in the second half of life), cultural pluralism,

comparative religion, health and wellness, cultural literacy, career

development and much more. If you spend time here, you'll discover

endless opportunities to enrich your life through this immersion process. 

I'd encourage you to dive deep, learn and integrate.



Boutique Consulting Office with Niche Services Such as 

Corporate Training and Management Consultation


In addition to lifelong learning, we are a small, niche consulting office with experts dedicated to having your

organization achieve its optimal functioning and performance. We offer customized, specialized services

to small and large organizations encountering challenges.  We will listen astutely to you describing 

your organizational challenges.  Our consultation services will improve your organization's performance

through systematic analysis of existing organizational processes and developing specific plans for



We understand the multidisciplinary nature of organizational behavior and how it reflects employee attitudes,

values, capabilities and their learning capacities.  For your organization to function optimally, management is

tasked with creating outstanding work teams and departments that can effectively respond to your customer's

varied needs in domestic and global markets.  Managers must be skilled at coordinating work efforts through

designing structures that sustain stable relationships and processes.  The creation of meaningful structures

enables organizations to become goal oriented and purposeful.  Ideally, uncertainty in performance and goal

achievement is reduced when stable structures and processes guide how work is accomplished.  In addition,

structural decisions will more likely reflect an organization's values and ethics.


  • Developing high performing,  outstanding teams 

  • Improving your manager's competencies so they can empower and utilize their employees more effectively

  • Develop more culturally proficient managers who know how to leverage diversity and use it as strength



Life and Career Coaching



Do you need a life coach to help clarify your direction in life, make career decisions, 

increase confidence, set meaningful, purposeful goals and to more

effectively balance work/family commitments?

 Dr. Levy is available for a free consultation by calling him at (562) 230-3334.  



More on Lifelong Learning


The fundamental principle we operate with is that delaying action or the self-initiated

learning process will diminish the quality of your life.  Research has demonstrated that

ongoing learning beyond the traditional classroom, especially in later adulthood generates

meaning and purpose in life, which increases our quality of life.   We treat the reading material

you're ingesting as your tool kit.  Initiating a launch without the essential tools in your kit is

useless. So, now that you've decided to activate this learning process, you're initiating a process

of self-discovery that will reveal desires and interests left dormant in you for years. Exposure to

the greatest writers and poets of the world or strategies to lead more healthy and purpose

driven lives will result in added fulfillment and discovery of new leisure interests.



Remember, if you continue to delay your launch it will invariably hurt the quality of your life.  We know that standing on the launch pad without a took kit

will only erode your self-image, confidence and self-esteem. You can't stand on the launch pad for years, then suddenly push the launch button and expect

to launch.  It's likely the fuel in your tank has evaporated after several years, and even if you've got tools in your kit, they will be obsolete years later.  Finally,

the path to your launch destination may change due to detours resulting from highway reconstruction and road modifications.  In the end, you'll have

missed the opportunity to launch and discover more about you. 








Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within.                                                          ----- Franz Kafka

The best use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.  
                                                                   ------ William James
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