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University Professor, Author, Trainer, Consultant to Mental Health Programs, Recipient of Excellence in Teaching Awards, Two Time Ironman Finisher, Recognized for Distinguished Service and Volunteerism

Dr. Levy has dedicated the last 35 years of his career to treating individuals living with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders and Bipolar and Related Disorders. He has been a Program Director of inpatient programs and currently provides psychosocial/psychiatric rehabilitation programming to 90 mentally ill residents at Founders House of Hope in Artesia, CA The program includes skill acquisition, supported employment, community reintegration, functional/capacity building, developing self-determination and illness management and recovery.  The program services, supports and resources engender meaningful living and instilling hope and optimism.  Dr. Levy is the director of a nonprofit agency called Trucare Foundation for Mental Health Recovery.  The agency provides supports, services and access to resources to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with severe mental illness.    

As a professor, Dr. Levy has been teaching at University of Redlands in the undergraduate and graduate school since 1992. He teaches business ethics, strategic management, leadership and organizational behavior courses in the MBA and the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program. In 2012 Dr. Levy began teaching at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, CA His courses include Integrated Health with a focus on Psychopathology through a biopsychosocial model to Physician Assistant students.  Dr. Levy also teaches Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology and Introduction to Psychology at  Long Beach City College. He has received excellence in teaching awards and has been recognized for his volunteer services. Dr. Levy has published two books, edited four books/anthologies of poetry written by the mentally ill and produced a documentary on mental illness with a filmmaker colleague. He currently volunteers for Biola University Nursing Program, U.S. Vets: Veterans Peer and Navigation Network.


Elijah Levy, Ph.D.

Drawn by an inpatient at Olive Vista Mental Health Center, 1995
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