Elijah Levy

University Professor

Recipient of Excellence in Teaching Awards

Honored for Distinguished Volunteerism

Guest Lecturer at Universities

Author and Editor of Books

Two Time Ironman Finisher

Dr. Levy’s doctorate degree is in Clinical Psychology and he is an interdisciplinary thinker, examining the synthesis of philosophy, psychology and sociology to understand the science of human behavior.  His clinical work includes being a program director of inpatient psychiatric programs treating the persistent, mentally ill suffering from Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Mood Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders.


Dr. Levy has designed psychiatric/psychosocial rehabilitation programs and trained mental health professionals to implement his skills based groups and programs which reduced the length of stay for the mentally ill, enabling them to lead more satisfying lives in residential care programs in the community.

Dr. Levy's academic history includes teaching management, leadership and business ethics courses at University of Redlands since 1992 in the undergraduate and graduate school of business.  He also teaches undergraduate psychology courses such as Biopsychology, Social Psychology, Introduction to Psychology and Lifespan Psychology at Pasadena City College and Southern California University of Health Sciences to students applying to nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and medical school.  He has received Excellence in Teaching awards from universities, in addition to being honored for his volunteering activities and distinguished service. Dr. Levy operates a psychiatric rehabilitation program providing services to 97 mentally ill residents residing at Founders House of Hope, where he has been working since 1997.  He designed the psychiatric/psychosocial rehabilitation program, in addition to the supported employment program at Founders.  


Founders House of Hope also offers opportunities to students completing internships in Psychology, Nursing , Social Work and Physician Assistant programs completing their Behavioral Medicine and psychiatric rotations.  Dr. Levy is a Preceptor to students interested in learning psychiatric/psychosocial rehabilitation, counseling skills, psychopharmacology and treatment/rehabilitation considerations for individuals living with serious mental illness.  Founders House of Hope has a formal internship and practicum program with California State University Fullerton (psychology students), Biola University (nursing program) and Southern California University of Health Sciences (physician assistant program).

Dr. Levy has written curriculum for numerous courses in addition to handbooks. He is the author of two books, one on intercultural awareness title You, Me and Them, a book of poetry titled Crisis in Meaning, and he has edited three books/anthologies of poetry written by individuals with mental illness. In 2007, a documentary on mental illness was filmed and directed by Roni Kripper, and produced by Dr. Levy. It is titled Beyond the Shadow of Mental Illness.  Dr. Levy also collaborated on a documentary of a Veterans Legacy Project group that he facilitates.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Elijah with his parents at Oceanside California Half Ironman

Arizona Ironman
Elijah's wife Nora and two daughters Elise and Diane

Dr. Levy is a deeply thoughtful, caring individual who encourages and inspires all who come in contact with him to pursue their aspirations with conviction and courage. He emphasizes high ethical standards, critical thinking, and respect for diversity. His concern for the needs and well-being of others is rare and genuine. I am and will always be extremely grateful for the support and guidance he has provided to me.   Dan

I had the good fortune of meeting Elijah when I applied for an adjunct teaching position at the University of Redlands. The university assigned him conduct my in-person interview and teaching demonstration. I had limited teaching experience at the time and, were it not for Elijah's calming, encouraging demeanor, I might not have performed well and, as a result, may have decided teaching was not for me. He was (and is) a model of intellectual vigor tempered with authentic humility and empathy that I took with me when engaging with my students in the years to come. I am deeply thankful to have met him at that critical stage in my personal and professional journey and know that the impact I have had the opportunity to make in the lives of my students is in part due to his influence on me.          Jeremy

At Charlie Celano's Promotion to Chief of Police, Tustin Police Dept.
Matt, Elijah & Billy
Elijah and his dad Jules
Elijah's daughter Diane and his mother Esther at Ironman
My race name is Axle
Elijah with mother- in-law Beverly and father-in-law Bob
Elijah and Good Friend Mike at Hancock Triathlon, 2016
Elijah and his brother Ezra at Long Beach Half Marathon, 2019
Guest Lecturing at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine

Elijah was invited to be a guest lecturer for a week at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine in February of 2019.  I lectured to a wonderful class of students earning their doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  The week was devoted to teaching Western Approaches to Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment.