How to Become a

Culturally Competent

Health Care Provider


Corporate Training/Management Consultation


In addition to fulfilling your need for intellectual stimulation, the center provides consultation to organizations interested in launching their business initiatives to improve organizational performance.  The only way to achieve genuine, enduring and desired change is to launch your creative ideas.  We're available to listen to your proposals for transforming your organization into a prosperous, prideful company. 


Unless you act on your ideas to maximize organizational performance, your employees and organization will continue to operate at the just good enough level and the gap between current and optimal performance will widen.  We offer a free, no pressure consultation to fill your tank with powerful jet fuel so you can arrive at your launch destination.


Our center a center provides organizations with management and strategy consultation to improve organizational performance through systematic analysis of existing organizational processes and developing specific plans for improvement.  We understand the multidisciplinary nature of organizational behavior and how it reflects employee attitudes, values, capabilities and their learning capacities.  For your organization to function optimally, management is tasked with creating outstanding work teams and departments that can effectively respond to your customer's varied needs in domestic and global markets.  Managers must be skilled at coordinating work efforts through designing structures that sustain stable relationships and processes.  The creation of meaningful structures enables organizations to become goal oriented and purposeful.


Uncertainty in performance and goal achievement is reduced when stable structures and processes guide how work is accomplished.  In addition, structural decisions will more likely reflect an organization's values and ethics.  My team and I will initiate and guide change processes, design systems and structures to support and manage change and implement technology.  

We offer corporate coaching, corporate training and corporate education.   Our team   of consultants will diagnose and recommend interventions to improve performance.  Our goal is to transform your organization from its current functioning to optimal performance.  We are a team of specialists committed to effectively listening to your needs and designing interventions to systematically transform operations.  We believe that developing systems to maximize effective communication, decision making and adopting practices that tap the full range of employee motivation will enhance performance and increase job satisfaction at all levels of the organization. The guiding principle we operate with is that organizations will achieve their organizational and performance goals to the extent that its structures capitalize on employee strengths, values, desires and expectations.


The center’s corporate development workshops include team building, leadership training and increasing managerial effectiveness.  In addition, we offer self-improvement workshops.  Organizations investing and making a commitment to offer their employees personal development workshops attract more qualified workers, improve morale, enhance job satisfaction, develop competencies and create inclusive work environments. In addition, corporations maximizing on opportunities to provide their employees with self-improvement workshops convey a sincere commitment to develop and empower their employees to achieve their fullest potential in their personal and career pursuits. 

How to Become a Culturally and Linguistically

Competent Health Care Provider

Appreciating how responsive, culturally proficient communication and services can enhance the therapeutic alliance with patients and how quality health care can only occur within a patient’s cultural context.


Define culture and cultural competence.

Appreciate the benefits of respectful communication; how providing responsive, culturally proficient care increases the therapeutic alliance.

Understand that quality health care can only occur within the patient’s cultural context.

Understand how ignoring diversity and culturally incongruent health care can adversely affect patient outcomes and compromise patient safety.

How lack of cultural competence can result in patient dissatisfaction.

Learn how to eliminate misunderstandings in diagnosis and treatment planning that may result from differences in language or culture.

Identify your counterproductive assumption or biases that will negatively contaminate your relationship with the patient. 

Workshops/Training Programs

Becoming an Outstanding Manager: The Core Competencies and More

A workshop designed to equip managers with the skills to manage the dynamic, fluid and changing work environment that demands you adapt to the challenges by learning new strategies and skills. The soft skills including emotional competence, decision making, resolving conflict and building high performance teams will be reviewed. Experiential learning activities such as simulations, case studies and role playing active listening techniques will be included. The topics reviewed include managing personal stress, developing self-awareness, completing self-assessments, coaching, cultural competency, motivating employees, managing conflict, empowering and delegating, building effective teams and teamwork, leading positive change, consensus building and action planning. All participants will receive a handbook containing the workshop curriculum.

You, Me and Them: An Awesome Us:  Building Effective,

High Performance Teams



Teamwork is a core, developmental process that can dramatically and positively effect departmental and organizational performance.  For a manager to be effective and respected by supervisees, they must demonstrate skills to create unified, highly effective teams. This training will teach managers the skills and strategies essential to creating social and positive interdependence, the importance of sharing information, supporting each other to make work more efficient and in the process, members creating their own, unique roles and identities.  High functioning team members support one another, develop trust and interdependence which is crucial for optimal performance.  Managers will learn how to show credibility through consistent follow through, integrity in work, how consensus building creates solidarity and how to utilize team members so that their abilities are displayed.  The training will reveal how disagreement and conflict can be maximized to generate creative breakthroughs and solutions to problems.  The attainment of the above learning objectives energizes team members, creates reciprocity and contributes to the healthy functioning of the team.